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Summer 2021 | Newport News, VA
Our HyperSizer Training course is suitable for both novice and experienced HyperSizer users. The course begins by reviewing the fundamental software capabilities for novice users on Day 1 and quickly builds to studying the advanced software features. The course material is structured so the users become proficient at driving HyperSizer while also fully understanding the analysis & sizing methodology behind the software. An introduction to the scripting and programming customization is provided, however the HyperSizer Analysis Plugin Training course is more suitable for users who want a detailed understanding of the programming customization and scripting capability.

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5-Day HyperSizer Training
HyperSizer Analysis Plugin Training

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HyperSizer Training Classes are taught at your facility by highly experienced trainers in an informal setting. All training is hands-on and involves a great deal of interaction between the students and the trainers. We can accommodate the number of students that meets your needs. Contact us for a quote request or if you have any questions regarding a training class.

Occasionally we offer training at Collier Research facilities in Newport News, VA. This is ideal for teams that want HyperSizer training for smaller groups.


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AIAA SciTech
January 2022 | San Diego, CA

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June 2021 | Rockville, MD

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AIAA SciTech
January 2022 | San Diego, CA

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