Both HyperSizer Pro and Express can equally analyze and design laminates and sandwich panels, and update the FEM, and report margins. However, while Pro may be too full featured for every engineer to pick up in their busy schedules, Express is intended to be that easy to use, for both analysts and designers.

The analysis methods are the same between Pro and Express. In fact the underlying analysis code is the same between the two products. Therefore both products will calculate the same margin as they also use the same material database of allowable data. Both products produce the same Excel and Word stress reports and analysis details traceability.

As you would expect, Pro does do much more than Express as the below table indicates. However, there are some optimization capabilities in Express that Pro does not do. Namely to define optimal patterns of FEM laminate zones and to establish the best way to optimize to stiffness criteria such as displacement limits, stiffness compliance, more general eigenvalue buckling mode location and resolution, and in the near future frequency criteria.

Pro can immediately open the database file created by Express, so no need to reimport FEMs, or reset data of any kind. And in fact Pro and Express can simultaneously have open the same database. However, once design details such as bolted joints are setup in Pro, then Express will no longer be able to be used for that project.

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  • Metal Analysis & Optimization
  • Laminate Analysis & Optimization
  • FEM Updates and FEA Iteration
  • CAD (CATIA) Laminate Updates
  • Stress Reports
  • FEM Zone Pattern Optimization
  • Organic Ply Shape Optimization
  • Strength Optimization
  • Stiffness Displacement Optimization
  • Eigenvalue Buckling Optimization
  • Eigenvalue Frequency Optimization
  • Stiffened panels (I, Tee, Hat, Isogrid, etc)
  • Beams (I, Tee, caps, tubes, etc)
  • Bolted Joints
  • Bonded Joints
  • FEM Line Joints
  • Multiple Assemblies
  • Test Like You Fly (TLYF)
  • Test Optimizer
  • Analysis Plugins
  • Object Code Scripting