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We are excited to share our HyperSizer Training Videos! We used a unique and searchable recording software that captures the presenter’s screen, PowerPoint, and audio/video. You’ll feel like you’re in the training room, except with the ability to pause or speed up the class! It’s never been easier to learn HyperSizer Software!

  • Go at your own pace (pause, rewatch)
  • No travel costs
  • Watch anytime (videos are on demand)
  • Videos are searchable

What will you learn?

Our collection of training videos highlight many of the features of HyperSizer Pro and HyperSizer Express. Choose the topics which interest you most or watch the entire series!

Training Benefits

  • Save time by reducing how long it takes to design/analyze/optimize your project and discover ways to apply HyperSizer at any stage
  • Increase productivity by learning “best practices” for deploying HyperSizer within your group
  • Learn from the best HyperSizer trainers, who bring their experience from running the software on real projects
  • Get up to date with the latest HyperSizer version and features



Our training course is suitable for both novice and experienced HyperSizer Users. The course begins by reviewing the fundamental software capabilities for novice users and quickly builds to studying the advanced software features. The course material is structured so the users become proficient at driving HyperSizer while also fully understanding the analysis & sizing methodology behind the software.

And the best part… It’s free for customers!
HyperSizer Instructors are

Training Topics by Day

Day 1 Topics – Intro to HyperSizer / Materials

  • Rapid sizing of airframe structures
  • Managing material systems
  • Analyze/size composite laminates

Day 2 Topics – Stress Analysis

  • Free body analysis with non-FEA projects
  • Analysis methods
  • FEA verification





Day 3 Topics – FEM Integration

  • Coupling HyperSizer with FEA
  • Size large GFEM with thousands of load cases
  • Automatically generated stress reports

Day 4 Topics – Scripting & Analysis Plugins

  • Composite joints
  • VB programming integration
  • Automation and customization
  • Scripting and analysis plugins

Day 5 Topics – HyperSizer Express

  • Express introduction and analysis mode
  • Optimization task: strength vs. stiffness
  • Zone-based optimization
  • Ply based (high performance optimization)
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If you already have an account for HyperSizer on Panopto, click here to log in and view the videos now.