Training Videos

We are excited to share our HyperSizer Training Videos! We used a unique and searchable recording software that captures the presenter’s screen, PowerPoint, and audio/video. You’ll feel like you’re in the training room, except with the ability to pause or speed up the class! It’s never been easier to learn HyperSizer Software!

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User Forum

The HyperSizer User Forum is a great place to search for answers to frequently asked questions. Many users post and answer questions on the User Forum. Register (it’s free for customers!) because many of the most useful Forum features only become available to you when you do so. The four key areas are: The Main Menu, The Board Index, The Message Index, and The Topic.

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Help System

The HyperSizer Help System is the central repository for all HyperSizer user documentation. The Help System contains quick reference material, how-to tutorials, analysis methods documentation and best-practices for using HyperSizer for sizing and analysis.

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Support Ticket

Post all new questions to the User Forum. Use the Support Ticket system only for questions containing proprietary data or for reporting a software bug. The HyperSizer Team is ready to support your project with trained applications engineers. In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we use a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number for tracking progress and responses online.

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Featured Customer Quote

“I have never seen a software vendor reacting so fast to problems and support issues.”
– VL