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Machine Design – Express Software Simulates Aerospace-Grade Composite Parts

Posted on 4/7/2016
| Machine Design

Collier Research has released an Express version of its Hypersizer finite-element-analysis (FEA) software for developing high strength-to-weight ratio composite designs. Hypersizer Express includes the same margins of safety and material simulations as the Pro version. It incorporates a new interface to easily form efficient composite designs.

Generally speaking, HyperSizer knows composites. It can analyze a FEA part that is directly imported to show the user where composite laminate plies would benefit the design for static- and dynamic-loading requirements. Its user-friendly interface allows users to try different composites and orientations, virtually place the part under loads, and observe the areas of stress on that part.

Available at a significantly lower price than most composite software, HyperSizer Express offers aerospace-grade capabilities to a wide audience of engineers and product designers to create strong, lightweight final products.