HyperSizer Wind Blade - Cut View

Design News – Sandia Sizes up Wind Turbine Blade Design

Posted on 1/24/2011

Source: Design News

Armed with HyperSizer optimization software and FEA, Sandia pursues innovations in large wind turbine blade design, aiming for a balance between low weight and structural integrity.

By many accounts, wind energy, a relative veteran among alternative energy sources, is well-positioned for a perfect storm around growth: The political climate is favorable, a downtrodden  economy is hungry for economical and efficient fossil fuel alternatives and more than 30 years of research and development has been poured into wind energy innovations. Yet one of the  remaining barriers to widespread adoption of wind energy is honing that right mix of functionality for a wind turbine blade design that is large enough to support higher performance while  retaining a form factor that is economical, reliable and can be produced on a grander scale. Read more…