Design News – HyperSizer v6 Keys in on Manufacturing Optimization

Posted on 5/13/2011

Source: Design News

Structural sizing and analysis tool have been enhanced to bring efficiencies to the design and manufacture of large-scale composite offerings.

Riding the trend of composites becoming a go-to material for a variety of products – from aircraft to wind turbine blades – Collier Research Corp. released an upgrade of its HyperSizer structural sizing and analysis tool with new capabilities to optimize manufacturing. In keeping with the evolution of the software and the use of composites across a variety of industries, HyperSizer v6, the  latest commercialized version of software developed and used at NASA, now incorporates features designed to address two of industry’s biggest concerns, according to Craig Collier, president of Collier Research. That is the inaccuracy of analysis functions within current tools to validate test data and some of the inefficiencies surrounding manufacturing of composites. Read more…