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Author Topic: Deleting Effective laminates  (Read 30779 times)


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Deleting Effective laminates
« on: June 16, 2009, 12:30:23 PM »
I would like to delete some of the laminate which I've created in the Material Family "Effective laminates". A pop-up message which says "This orthotropic material is owned by "CRD" and may not be deleted by the current user". How do I go about deleting unwanted laminates that I've created?? 


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Re: Deleting Effective laminates
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2009, 07:06:14 AM »
There are a few ways to go about this.  After creating effective laminates they are automatically dumped into the current project as well as the database you are working in.  To delete them from the project you may need to go group by group and clear them from the available materials, or if you are running 5.6.38, you may replace these ELs using the Composites form.

Remember to use the composites form you will have to have all the components in the active assembly and launch the form while on the desired analysis object.

Once you have removed them from the components you may remove them from the project through the database navigation tree.  Expand the project, right click on Available Materials and select "Select Materials".  This will launch the Project Available Materials Form.  Using this form you may clear them from the project.

If you would like to then clear them from the database, you may go find them under Materials in the database navigation tree and right click on each material individually and select "Delete Material".  Remember to delete materials from a database, they may not be listed in any group's available material list in any project in the database.

There is a faster way to delete multiple materials from a database using the Material Cleanup Form found under tools.  This form will allow you to select multiple materials simultaneously and delete them from the database.  Again these materials can not be used by any project in the database.

Also when you delete a project from a database, HyperSizer provides the option to "Delete all materials used only by this project".  This is a good practice technique since many ELs can be generated for each project and may overwhelm the Database.

The orthotropic material owned by CRD warning is informing you that you are trying to delete a material Collier Research provided in the database.  They are orthotropics such as Graphite/Epoxy AS4/3501-6 Fabric and should not be deleted.  These materials will not stand alone as EL since they have no ply orientation percentages applied to them and may be paired with layups to create laminates.  If you are receiving this warning while trying to delete ELs that were created in a project using the Composites Form, this is an error in the software and you should submit a support ticket: