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Select Color Palette/Viewing Options

Color Palette Drop-Down Menu

The Color Palette drop-down menu displays available color palettes. The number in parenthesis indicates the number of colors. The list shows some of the predefined color palettes available for use.

Create Custom Color Palette


The Custom Palette option allows you to design a palette with your own color preferences. You may add, change, delete, or rename palettes on the Custom Palette form.

The buttons are used for selecting colors to arrange in the color table shown above.

To rearrange the blocks, click and hold on a color block while dragging the pointer to the location in which you want to switch colors.

Select Range.. to select the color range for a custom color palette.

The Hue Range slider is useful for setting the starting color and ending color, allowing you to omit any undesirable color range.

Deactivate the Snap to Major Colors option to create a range with any number of colors. Move the Number of Colors & Preview slider to determine the range of colors.

Assign Custom Fonts Colors

Choose your color preferences and fonts using the Assign Custom Colors and Fonts tool. 

The Custom Colors and Options form also allows changes in the lighting effects, the model’s transparency level, and the text style.

Click on the button to bring up Font selection dialogs; these windows allow you to change the font style and size. The two buttons beside Title Text allow you to change the Title and Subtitle text respectively.

Predefined colors can be assigned to the FEM for any data type by selecting items from the Project Item Colors and the Data Bin Colors.

The Use Project Custom Colors option allows you to define a color for any component. This is Component/Group/Assembly project level data and will be carried along during import to any other database. You may also choose predefined custom colors for computed data that you display in ranges.

Important: The Reset to Default Values option can be used to reset the colors to the HyperSizer default at any time while browsing through the FEM viewer.

Show Legend

See Show Legend.

Show Labels, Highlight, or Pick Component Group

Click this tool to show numbers (integers and real) or character text data superimposed on the FEM such as, controlling failure method. You can display Component, and Assembly I.D.s, based on the selection made from the Color by Entity toolbar. If the component labels are active, you may select the components by hovering your courser over the centroid of the component as shown in the image below.