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Flexural-Torsional Buckling

AID Analysis Name
016 Stiffener Buckling, Flat, Stiffener Flexural-Torsional Stability, Argyris
017 Stiffener Buckling, Flat, Stiffener Flexural-Torsional Stability, Levy

Flexural-torsional buckling is a mode where the panel undergoes flexure (as in panel buckling) and the stiffeners twist/tip. For certain stiffener cross-sections, the flexure-torsional coupling leads to a significant reduction in the buckling allowable.

The method used to compute this failure margin is similar to the column flexural-torsional method with the additional complication of estimating the restraint of the skin along the length of the stiffener.

Two flexural-torsional stiffener buckling methods are available in HyperSizer: Argyris and Levy. (The names refer to the authors of the methods.) Both methods have been extended to include composite materials. The Argyris method is recommended for general use.

See the HVV document for more detailed information.

A methods and equations document (HME) document is available upon request.