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Author Topic: Complimentary HyperSizer Licenses - COVID-19 - Remote Work Productivity  (Read 27100 times)


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Dear HyperSizer Customers,

We understand that many organizations are transitioning to remote workspaces due to COVID-19. As many of our customers rely on server licenses and desktop work machines, we recognize the difficulties of shifting to remote work.

Free Node-Locked License Offering
We’d like to offer HyperSizer customers free 60-day node-locked licenses to help maintain productivity while employees work remotely. If you’re interested, simply email and we will get you set up for remote work.

Training/Help Resources Available
If you haven’t already checked them out, our training videos are available and free to all current customers. In addition to that, our full suite of help resources will continue to be available:

Let us know if we can further assist.

Thank you,

The HyperSizer Team