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Author Topic: how to determine the number of stiffener according to the spacing span.  (Read 1951 times)


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Dear James,

there is a question about the number of stiffener.

For example:
a T stiffened panel: 500*480(x span*y span), the optimization spacing span is 190,
so how to determine the position and the number of the stiffeners?

the number is 2 or 3??
what is the main principle?


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For a smeared component, the assumption is that the stiffeners are evenly spaced based along the Y span. So if your Y span is 480in and the optimum spacing is 190in, then the number of stiffeners is... 480/190 = 3 (rounded up from 2.5). The idea is the spacing should not exceed 190in anywhere in the panel which is usually driven by the local buckling criteria. Usually, you would create a discrete FEM to perform detailed sizing of the skin and stringers, based on one of the following modeling techniques: