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Author Topic: Analysis will not complete  (Read 14727 times)


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Analysis will not complete
« on: July 03, 2014, 06:39:20 PM »
I am running an analysis on a spar with a region that has a deep core of Foam. Most of the spar is modeled with laminated plates (Both Solid Stack-Ups and Honeycomb Stack-Ups) but the region with the thick Foam models the Upper and Lower facesheets as seperate laminated plates and they are connected by a single 3D element (Brick). The ramp up and down to this region is modeled similarly but the first/last component is modeled with Wedge elements instead.

In hypersizer, if I create separate Assemblies for the different regions, Single Element, Ramp region, and Full Depth region, the analysis runs and give answers very quickly. But if I try to run an assembly with the full spar, the program just runs and runs but never completes. (I have left it overnight and it didn't finish).

Is this just because Hypersizer can't run the two types of component definition in the same assembly, or is this an indication that somewhere, my component definition may have an error?