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Author Topic: HyperSizer v6.2 importing Solid FEMs up-side-down  (Read 5497 times)


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HyperSizer v6.2 importing Solid FEMs up-side-down
« on: October 24, 2012, 11:58:34 AM »
I'm using v6.2 with 3D core FEMs.
I'm finding that HyperSizer is not importing the stackups the way I would expect.
Firstly, my understanding is that for a 3D core FEM there should be 2 facesheet shell meshes with one solid element in between. The element normal directions for the facesheet meshes should be pointing the same way, and the solid element should have the material Z-direction through the thickness (with either the element system or a separate coord system). With this configuration, I expect HyperSizer to assign the bottom face based on the normal directions of the shell elements. But I am finding that it depends on the element direction of the solid core, even if the solid element material direction is assigned to a separate coord system.
It's hard to explain in words so I've attached a couple of slides...
The analysis results don't appear to be affected.
I'm not sure if this behavior existed on previous HyperSizer versions?