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Author Topic: Hat Bonded Smeared Panel Sizing  (Read 25950 times)


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Hat Bonded Smeared Panel Sizing
« on: July 15, 2021, 08:39:17 AM »
I am using the Hat Bonded Concept using the detailed sizing, smeared panel approach. I've been looking at the weight differences when using various numbers of stringers in the skin bays. For example: 1 stringer, 2 stringers, 3 stringers, and 4 stringers in the bays. It's my understanding from reading the HME documentation for smeared panels that for Hypersizer to understand how many stringers are effectively in the bay using the smeared panel approach I should divide the appropriate buckling span by the number of stringers and input that value in the Spacing dimension for the Hat Bonded Concept. Is this approach correct?

In addition, after looking through the HME documentation for Geometry Cross-Section Checks it looks like for the smeared panel analysis to be considered valid there needs to be 3 stringers in the bay according to Geometry Rule 40. Does this mean that even though I input the Spacing dimension such that there should be 1 stringers, 2 stringers, or 4 stringers that Hypersizer will still analyze the bay as if there were 3 stringers?