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Author Topic: Stress Report Component Critical Load Values for FEA Projects  (Read 26964 times)


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Does HyperSizer have the ability to report out the actual values of the critical loads (Nx, Ny, etc.) for each component in an assembly for FEA projects?  I see the list of critical load cases, but no actual load values.

The current version I'm using is 7.0.35, which is slightly out of date, but I couldn't tell for sure from the 7.0.53 version description if this is a feature that was added (or maybe it's already a feature and I just have something wrong in my setup).

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Re: Stress Report Component Critical Load Values for FEA Projects
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2015, 07:24:05 PM »
You can view the controlling object forces in the graphics. From the data drop down menu..

Data > Output Stresses > Nx

To use this plotting feature you will need to make sure the correct panel object is selected. Keep in mind it shows the design-to loads for the controlling failure analysis, for the controlling load case.

The most current HyperSizer version (v7.1.30) allows you to plot the controlling membrane (Nx, Ny, Nxy) that is being used for each analysis. From the data drop down menu...

Data > Analysis Details

You can select the desired analysis method, then select Nx, Ny or Nxy responsible for generating the lowest margin of safety for each component for that particular failure mode.