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Author Topic: Non FEA Projects - Component Settings, Editing, exporting  (Read 9180 times)


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Non FEA Projects - Component Settings, Editing, exporting
« on: June 26, 2014, 09:20:52 AM »
When working on non FEM projects and setting up analysis I note that assemblies have an EDIT button, but components have limited editing features. It would be useful if the component database would have these options:

Edit Component
Delete component
Copy component
Reset to analysis defaults of component
Import default analysis settings for a component
Import a component with all settings i.e. the whole component database
Export a component

1.   Component name
2.   Concept selection
3.   Material assignment
4.   Dimensions (min, max, steps)
5.   Modifications to active Failure analysis
6.   Loads and boundary conditions
7.   All modifications to default dimensions and buckling settings

For example if I have an assembly called skin panel  assembly  and I make a component called "skin panel 10". I would like the capability above i.e. copy, delete, edit defaults, export or import component "skin panel 10". Seems to make sense and makes the process far more productive. It's simply a database manipulation issue.

This feature appears fundamental.
David Johnson
Hitech Global Solutions Inc