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Author Topic: Hypersizer Database - Include a Capability to Import Pictures  (Read 9104 times)


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Hypersizer is an analysis tool, a database with our analysis. It would be useful if we could keep our analysis including assumptions and diagrams at one location (Hypersizer database) . If I open a database after a several month lapse in time to update the analysis, I find it hard to figure out my assumptions and configuration from 6 months ago.

Why not include the capability to import and display images of my structure and configuration. We include this information  when we manually write stress reports or stress notes, whey not have the capability to keep all this information in my Hypersizer database.

For Example:
Pictures of the CATIA design config
Pictures of free body diagrams
Pictures of my sections
Pictures of the panel and stringer ID's (Non FEM solution will not show multiple components in one place.
Notes of my assumptions, load cycle, nastran files and locations
We could add this feature to the existing Notes TAB. The pictures and text should be stored at assembly and component level.
David Johnson
Hitech Global Solutions Inc