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Author Topic: How to do a "silent" install... ( Before Version 5.8.11 )  (Read 6626 times)


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For multiple installs, this is handy. To do a setup and perform a silent install without interaction, follow these steps.  Start on a computer where you want to install HyperSizer, put the full install in a folder (e.g. C:\Temp), open a command prompt, change to that folder, and type:

C:\Temp>hypersizer_version_5.3.29.exe /r /f1”.\setup.iss”

This will run HyperSizer install as normal where you must enter the password and all prompts.  It will create a file in the same folder called “setup.iss”.

Then you can put the install and the setup.iss on any other computer, open a command prompt, and type:

C:\Temp>hypersizer_version_5.3.29.exe /s /f1”.\setup.iss”

In this case, you will not be prompted to enter anything and all responses will be answered automatically.  It will take all responses, including whether or not you want to restart, so if you answered yes when you built the setup.iss file, then the computer will restart when doing the silent install.
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