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Author Topic: Lamina / Laminate analysis - Stress Reports  (Read 32927 times)


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Lamina / Laminate analysis - Stress Reports
« on: September 14, 2010, 03:21:01 PM »
We are validating Hypersizer and having difficulty in some cases determining the Hypersizer analysis process. The stress reports need more detail, ie show the analysis for all plies, Margins of safety for all plies, show all allowable properties used in the analysis  and show stiffness assumptions.

This information should also be available in the Hypersizer TABS, ie the stain data should be shown in an interactive form. We know the old text files can be accessed under the options menu, but we found the shear strains in this table to be not consistent with the failure theory chosen.

This data is fundimental for a composite analysis tool.

Are ALL of the variables accessible to generate our own customized stress repots in Hypersizer
David Johnson
Hitech Global Solutions Inc