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Author Topic: Clarification needed regarding the actual Min MOS numbers (result discrepancy)  (Read 6498 times)


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I’m running a database in the pro mode with import from a FEM.

The panel in question is an “I-shape Uniaxial stiffened panel”

The “Minimum Margin of Safety” in the “Group Design Bounds and Component Results” area is 0.04649.

In the “Failure” tab the minimum MS is the “Ultimate MS = 0.06109” for “Flange Bottom, two sided  Composite Strength, Max Strain 1 Direction”

These two numbers are not equal.  I can’t find the 0.04649 minimum MOS in the “Failure” tab.

When I look into the report I get the following info (open the attachment picture):

MOS, Object "Flange Bottom, two sided"

                                                      MOS/Lim   MOS/Ult   Lowest MOS/Lim/Ult)

Category "Buckling, Local"   
Local Buckling, Longitudinal Dir    13.96282   9.03139      8.895895         

Category "Material Strength, Composite, Ply"            
Composite Strength, Max Strain 1 Dir      ----   6.108862E-02   4.648975E-02         
Composite Strength, Max Strain 2 Dir      ----   3.465724   3.403456   
Composite Strength, Max Strain 12 Dir   ----   5.924094   5.829877   

The value of 0.04649 is the “Lowest MOS (Lim/Ult” for “Composite Strength, Max Strain 1 Direction” for the object.  How is this value been calculated?

Also if you look at the reports “Local Buckling, Longitudinal Direction” result the “Lowest MOS (Lim/Ult) 8.895895  is not equal to the Lim or Ult value.

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