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Author Topic: Performing a non-interactive HyperSizer Update  (Read 8181 times)


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Performing a non-interactive HyperSizer Update
« on: October 21, 2008, 03:05:09 PM »
The HyperSizer Update program is designed to ensure that necessary files are installed and newer software versions are not overwritten with older versions.  However, if multiple updates need to be performed by an IT manager without interaction, the attached batch file can be used to copy the HyperSizer files into their proper folders.

First, the hypersizer_update_X_X_X.exe file must be extracted to a folder using Winzip (or another product that can extract from a self extracting zip file).  Then put the attached batch file into the folder, open a Command window in this folder and run the batch file.

The batch file is not quite non-interactive.  The following lines in the batch file will require a Y/N response and you should answer N in each case. This is a limit of the XCOPY command which doesn’t seem to have an option that defaults to not replacing an existing file:

XCOPY /-Y "System32\Unregistered\lmgr11.dll" "%SYSTEM32%"
XCOPY /-Y "System32\Unregistered\SentinelKeyW.dll" "%SYSTEM32%"

XCOPY /-Y System32\Registered\*.dll "%SYSTEM32%"

The reason for the prompt is that these files are third party DLLs that we distribute with HyperSizer which are necessary for operation, however, if they already exist we don’t want to replace them.  If the computer you are updating already has HyperSizer Version 5.3 or newer, you won’t need lmgr11.dll or SentinelKeyW.dll, so you can remove them from the distribution.

If you need further assistance, please contact Collier Research.
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