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Author Topic: Combined pressure and edge loading of a panel  (Read 44624 times)


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Combined pressure and edge loading of a panel
« on: September 25, 2008, 05:27:49 PM »
In the context of the plate with simultaneous edge and pressure loading and in FBD  menu for a panel ,
1) Seems like if we apply pressure only, beam-column solution just produces zero reaction instead of what we get when we have "panel pressure" chosen (in other words, beam column solution doesn’t degenerate to simple panel with pressure). Even, when I applied a compressive edge load of NX and pressure, and selected beam-column I got panel thickness unchanged compared to when I had just edge loading. Am I missing something or the "beam-column moments" option is not working properly?

2) When I have the edge loads, say a compressive NX, and add a pressure and choose "panel pressure", my NX design-to-loads along NX listed under FBD output end up being different from those I entered! One thinks that all the panel pressure does is that it produces moment and out of plane shear loads but not any edge tension or compression loads (i.e., Nx, Ny).