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Thanks for the information. Very helpful even if not exactly what I was hoping to hear.  :)
Unfortunately there is probably not a very automated way to accomplish this with ANSYS to the best of my knowledge. With Abaqus and NASTRAN it is simpler, as users can run HyperFEMGen and extract the properties that are written out. We do not currently support ANSYS with HyperFEMGen.

We do expose all the computed properties (full ABD matrix) of each component to users on the properties tab of the sizing form. You could potentially convert this information into the format that ANSYS expects before importing.

If you have many components that you wish to bring into ANSYS, these properties are exposed to the scripting API as well, so you could write a script to automatically extract and reformat the ABD properties into something ANSYS-friendly.
I want to export an optimized orthogrid panel design's smeared panel properties from a non-FEA project into an ANSYS Workbench shell model but I can't seem to find any instructions or discussion in the forum or help guides. I have seen it done from Hypersizer to NASTRAN. How do I perform the same task with ANSYS Workbench, if it is even possible to do so?
Analysis Plugins / Re: Grid Stiffened Plugin
« Last post by Stephen on January 25, 2019, 10:56:30 AM »

I believe the plugin should have installed itself along with HyperSizer, so I am guessing it either got removed inadvertently at some point, or the installer did not copy the files for some reason.

I'm reaching out via email to provide the DLL that you can save to your plugins folder manually.

Analysis Plugins / Grid Stiffened Plugin
« Last post by Gawain on January 25, 2019, 05:20:20 AM »

I'm trying to find the Grid Stiffened Plugin, and looking through the help documents its says the plugin should be location in my C drive: (version 7.3.37)

C:\HyperSizer Data\Plugins\Grid Stiffened\HS_GridStiffened.dll

But I can't seem to find it location, as the 'Plugins' Folder is blank.  Do I need to download or install something in order to get these plugins and the associated documents installed onto my computer.   

Hi Gawain,

Make sure the "Geometry Check Rule 4" failure mode is activated in the sizing form, failure criteria tab for the applicable components. It should be contained in the geometry check category.

Analyzing & Optimizing Stiffened Panels / Orthogrid Stiffener Height to Thickness Ratio
« Last post by Gawain on January 16, 2019, 11:59:56 AM »
Is there a way to set the maximum stiffener height to stiffener thickness ratio?  I've gone through the backdoor data and in 'Geometry Checks', I've changed Rule 4 which I think should do this but doesn't seems to work.  Is this the correct setting to change and if so, should it work for a Orthogrid panel concept or is there an alternative way of doing this?
Most likely the easiest way to accomplish this is through the scripting API. You can write a script (in VBA, Python, C#, etc.) that extracts the results for all designs of components. For this, use the Component.ResultVariable() method:

You can see that it accepts the variable ID in question (corresponding to e.g. the skin, spacing, etc.), and optionally a solution ID. You'd need to have the script loop over the variables of concern in addition to looping through the solutions available.

Within a component optimisation process, you can ask hypersizer to show you the top 10 or 100 etc designs for that component during a detailed sizing operation.  Is there a way for this data to be outputted into a spreadsheet or similar format? 

At the moment all I can find is the information within the .AOP file, but this does not seem to output the skin thickness, web thickness, stiffener height, weight etc for each design.  Is there any way to output this information for all designs required?
Miscellaneous Software Topics / Re: Nastran HDF5
« Last post by martinjb on January 11, 2019, 04:20:56 AM »
Thank you
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