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Hi James,

We can confirm that the font is installed.

Any other ideas?

Hi James,

When we change the regional settings we get the warning in the picture (see attachment).

We will try the font setting.

Also, please verify that you have the following font installed..

Segoe UI; Bold

This is the default font for the database tree.


Can you verify that you have updated the decimal and digital grouping symbol, as described in the following help topic:

FEM Coupling (HyperFEA) / Re: ANSYS: Varying temperatures between load sets
« Last post by JanPio on Yesterday at 03:53:53 AM »
Hi Brent,
thanks for your reply. Your suggestions sounds promising, we are currently applying it to a test model. The first problem:
1. Import your thermal load sets as mechanical. (Skip this step if the thermal loads are already combined to mechanical loads in your FEM)
In fact the loads are a combination of mechanical and thermal already, otherwise thermal expansion/contraction would not be considered in the ANSYS FEA. Consequently, the load steps are imported as "thermal" load sets in HS, as described on the manual page "Importing Load Sets". But this prevents me from changing the reference temperature (as well as LL / UL factors) in the Load Sets Tab of the Project Setup Form. The input values vanish when pressing enter. Removing thermal loads (i.e., having mechanical load sets) enables me again to edit LL, UL and Reference Temperature.
How can we then change the Ref-Temps while keeping thermal loads in the FEA? I could not find anything in the manual.


I am using an Azerty keyboard, with French language.

I’m starting with the tutorial get started « create a database » but when saving the new database with the selection “template Aerospace” I receive the message as shown in picture error.

When I look in the preference menu it looks not the same as in the training material (preferences picture)

The OS of the system is in French.
P.s. we checked if the Region and Language --> Additional settings could have an influence. But that did not have an influence
FEM Coupling (HyperFEA) / Re: Freezing FE Iteration at specific candidate
« Last post by Brent on April 16, 2018, 11:00:50 AM »
Hi Jan,

To help us better answer your question, we will contact you directly to get more information.


FEM Coupling (HyperFEA) / Re: ANSYS: Varying temperatures between load sets
« Last post by Brent on April 16, 2018, 10:38:10 AM »
Hi Jan,

You are correct in your assumption. Since HyperSizer cannot import temperatures from ANSYS, it does not know where to apply the temperature dependent material properties.

The work around we suggest is the following:

1. Import your thermal load sets as mechanical. (Skip this step if the thermal loads are already combined to mechanical loads in your FEM)
2. Assign a unique reference temperature to each "Thermal" load set.
3. Assign a different material to each part of the structure that would have a constant applied temperature.
4. Assign reference temperatures to each material system that is consistent with the "applied temperatures" of the "thermal" load set. 

1. When sizing a single component for one load case, HyperSizer will use the temperature dependent properties associated with the reference temperature assigned to the load set.

2. For one "thermal" load case with multiple components that have different applied temperatures, the different material systems for these components will have different temperature dependent properties for the same reference temperature.

Careful attention must be used when managing the various temperature dependent properties and reference temperatures for each material system on each structural location. Supporting ANSYS temperature loads will be evaluated for future software releases. 

Question: Will you need to update the FEM with the temperature dependent properties unique to each thermal case? Or, will the room temperature properties for used in the FEA runs?

Hope this helps!

FEM Coupling (HyperFEA) / ANSYS: Varying temperatures between load sets
« Last post by JanPio on April 16, 2018, 08:41:31 AM »
we currently use HyperSizer 7.3.50 with ANSYS 18.2 to evaluate various designs of a Reusable Space Launch Vehicle with metallic materials.

First, our understanding of the thermal behavior when connecting HS to ANSYS: The help page on “Thermal Loads” says that “ANSYS thermal loads are not supported.” However, as HyperSizer only imports the resultant element forces from the ANSYS results file and BF-commands are also included in the newly created "*_i.cdb", thermal strains/stresses  seem to be considered. Therefore, the only relation HyperSizer cannot build up is which material property to use at which region of the structure, because the current temperature is not known. Is this right?

Now to our problem: Different parts of the structure, such as the tank or the wings, have different temperatures assigned in a wide range. Additionally, these temperatures should change for different load sets, such as liftoff or reentry. Thermal strains/stresses seem to be included in the results, but we cannot change the loads between load sets.

Workaround: For considering temp-dependent material properties in the parts of the structure we created separate materials for different temperatures, such as "Alu 20K" and "Alu 293K". But this obviously neglects temperature changes between load sets, because there is no possibility to change these materials between load sets.

Questions: Is our understanding of the use of temperatures in HS/ANSYS correct? Is there another workaround to include variable thermal setups in load sets?

Thank you in advance,
FEM Coupling (HyperFEA) / Freezing FE Iteration at specific candidate
« Last post by JanPio on April 16, 2018, 08:03:18 AM »
we currently use HyperSizer 7.3.50 with ANSYS 18.2 in order to find the most promising design of various design concepts for a metallic fuselage-wing-connection. Our data structure is as follows:
  • Each design concept has a separate subfolder, containing the *.cdb, *.s01 (.s02,…) and *.rst files of the initial ANSYS run.
  • We have one single HyperSizer database *.hdb, in which each of the 20 design concepts is a separate HyperSizer “FEA Project”.
Problem: The iteration process with HyperFEA works in general, but we recently experienced some freezing FE iteration processes. Details:
  • The iteration stops at one specific candidate and does not continue for hours, so we stop it manually.
  • It occurs after several successful FE iteration steps, so not directly in the first one.
  • After aborting a frozen FE iteration step, we start the iteration process again and it gets stuck again. It always stops during “Running HyperSizer…” and at the exact same component and candidate.
  • There is no error message.
Workaround: Compacting the database sometimes helped repairing the files and those iterations finished successfully afterwards, but some still have the problem. We observed that changing step sizes in the Sizing Form helped: it did not get stuck anymore.
Question: What is the root of the stuck processes and how to solve it? Is HS encountering memory problems, maybe because of the many projects in the database?

Thank you in advance,
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