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If my FEA code is installed on another computer, how do I iterate it with HyperS


HyperSizer Moderator:
This is easily accomplished with use of the HyperSizer Project Form. In the form you are able to specify the network computer (another PC or Unix workstation), directory, and files for the transfer of data. Once established, all following FEA runs and HyperSizer optimizations can be accomplished without any additional effort on the users part. HyperSizer will automatically retrieve the required model data and computed results. As a note, there are three kinds of data required to transfer between HyperSizer and FEA: 1) The FEM grids and elements and the defined grouping of elements which comprise structural components (this is done one time), 2) The FEA computed element forces and moments, and 3) HyperSizer computed generalized stiffness terms and thermal coefficients of the optimized concepts. As an example, for MSC/NASTRAN, 1) would be the standard data file of case control and bulk data cards/records. 2) would be the *.F06 file, and 3) would be PSHELL and PBAR property and MAT2 material records. This data is generated into separate include files for every, temperature dependent solver decomposition.


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