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Does HyperSizer give any consideration to thermal loading when developing the peak elements when peak element filtered is selected (for large models/many load cases)?

The concern is that until final sizing is done for all elements (element based), then its possible that a cold day/room temperature case with a larger load could be hiding a more critical but lower load hot day case with a reduced allowable.


Hi Mike,

You bring up a good point. HyperSizer does not account for the reduced allowable when filtering cases based on peak element metrics.

One suggestion to check if you are missing any critical cases is to run an analysis with peak element and then another analysis with element based. Make sure you are not sizing to keep runtimes down to a minimum. Then compare the critical load cases from the element based run to see if any "Hot" conditions were flagged that were not flagged in the peak element run.

Hope this helps!


I'd like to add that the peak element processing is repeated for every unique thermal set and/or assigned reference temperature. So if you have 2 unique thermal sets, then you get two blocks of processed peak element forces. During sizing, both blocks are checked.

I hope that's helpful.



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