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Author Topic: How does HyperSizer perform laminate based composite failure analysis  (Read 22779 times)


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I know how in HyperSizer to do the typical ply based composite failure theories such as max strain, Tsai-Wu, etc. These are actually the default composite strength analyses and the material stress/strain allowables are easily found on the ply material property software input form.

However, I have never done laminate based composite failure analyses such as AML (Angle Minus Load). Also referred to as Angle Minus Longitudinal.  Can HyperSizer do this analysis approach. Also, what about the Boeing polynomial laminate based approach. Can HyperSizer do that. Appreciate your answers from anyone. thanks rocketman
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Re: How does HyperSizer perform laminate based composite failure analysis
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HyperSizer includes methods for doing laminate-based as well as ply-based analyses.  In the laminate based analyses, you can choose AML or a number of other methods (including the Boeing polynomial-based approach) to specify the strain allowables for laminate based strength analysis.

The AML approach is documented in the HyperSizer Methods and Equations (HME) document called, "AID135-159 HyperSizer Material Strength Composites.HME", which is included in the documentation that is installed with HyperSizer.  To find this document, open the HyperFinder Technical Document Search from the HyperSizer help menu, and search for "material strength".  You can filter the list at the bottom of the HyperFinder form to just show "Methods and Equations" to make it easier.

The Boeing polynomial approach is not documented there, however the principles of specifying the strain allowables are the same.  In the AML method, you specify data points relating strain allowable to AML number.  In the polynomial approach, you enter coefficients for an equation that relates strain allowable to %0s and %45s.

Let me know if you need further information.


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Re: How does HyperSizer perform laminate based composite failure analysis
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Thanks for reply about laminate based strength which I have been interested in.
I am using Hypersizer 5.3 evaluation version. I tried to find the document but Hypersizer did not display "AID135-159 HyperSizer Material Strength Composites.HME". How can I access the methods and equation documents which are not included in the software?