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Temperature Dependent Material Properties in HyperFEA

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If you're running element-based or peak-element load processing metrics, the peak is used.
If you're running a n-sigma statistical method, the area-weighted average is used.
Take a look at the FEA loads tab, it should include some information about the temperature averaging.


that would be good. Somehow I'm not seeing the higher temperature in the Loads Tab. I size the component from that tab, either with a sigma or element based but both still show this component at 70F when I believe it should be 1300F from the Tload callout in the thermal rundeck.

Still not sure if my conclusion is right James. Appears I don't get the expected behavior. Do you have an example that shows the process working ?

OK James, thanks for the explanatory material I have finally got things sorted out right on my end and see everything working correctly.   Whew - sorry for the inconvenience. pdf attached shows the case checks that seem to be working correctly now.


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