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Temperature Dependent Material Properties in HyperFEA

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I want to assess the effect of high temperature property degradation on mechanical load in a multi component beam model. I have Tinit at a high temperature , 1300F, and Tload at a slightly higher 1301F. This is to place the components at a high temperature state with minimal thermal load generated. I Run a nastran deck with Tinit above the subcases, subcase 1 with mechanical load sufficient to yield some of the components which are at a high temperature.  Subcase 2 with the thermal load. Then size HyperFEA. All components size to the room temperature allowable of IN718, though several components are overstressed at their actual Tinit, Tload temperature.   Does HyperSizer account for material property degradation for components individually?

In 718 is temperature dependent with about a 50% reduction in Fty RT to 1300F.

Yes, HyperSizer will read and average element and nodal temperatures from the input file, and use them as analysis temperatures for each component. You have to run the thermal subcase separately from the mechanical case and combine the thermal and mechanical sets together into 1 load case.

Here's a brief help topic on the subject.

Also keep in mind thermal help/hurt factors. See:

The temperatures should be defined as element or nodal. The 'initial temp' is not used, instead it's the applied temps. Assigning temperatures with at TEMPD card is supported.

I hope this is helpful.


I believe I tried that James, but I'd better try again to see if I did it right.  Thanks. Will let you know.

Say, can the thermal and mechanical subcases have the same ID, since they are in separate run decks. I seem to remember something about that being an issue?

Ok, found an error, missing an include file in one of my attempts. Got closer to what I think should happen.  Can you tell me James what HyperSizer uses for a temperature to get allowables, for a component of multiple elements, where each element is a different temperature. Is it an average or the max temperature. Appears in the "Stress" tab the max temperature is used. Ok, just good to know what the philosophy is. 


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