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Author Topic: [Addition-Question for Sublaminates]Looking for solution of type mismatch error  (Read 7133 times)


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In addition to my previous question,
I found an error in "design criteria-layup rules-full assembly plies to inclue[optional]". This option allows only tape, fabric and sublaminate. When I use tape or fabric in the first ply,it works well. However, when I use sublaminate, whichever uses tape, fabric or sandwich, Hypersizer stops by sendig follwing error.

 Application Error in modAutoTune::GetATLCompositeMaterial
 Line #10, Error #13, Type mismatch

I am wodering this layup-rules option with sublaminate does not work.
Have anyone experienced this and/or cured errors?



I have tried to include "special fixed laminates" as the first plies. This can be realized by assigning this laminates to the full assembly plies include in the option of layup rules of the design criteria in the sizing form. Hypersizer provides only tape or fabric, and sublaminate. So, honeycomb sandwich is chosen only by constucting sublaminate with DL honeycomb sandwich. Of course, I used one stack unstiffened panel concept for the whole assembly.

It is successful with the special solid laminates, but failed with the sandwich laminates. Hypersizer sent an error message "type mismatch". I understood this message because I tried to optimize the one stack unstiffened panel mixed with "honeycomb sandwich panels". I tried two stack unstiffened concept to assembly, but this does not provide rapid sizing and results in impossibility of automated sizing.

I am wondering it there is any solution for this situation. I will appreicate in advance for any ideas or suggetion.


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