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Author Topic: LaRC03 Fiber Failure Theory  (Read 3051 times)


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LaRC03 Fiber Failure Theory
« on: January 24, 2020, 06:56:22 AM »
First of all, we calculated toughness ratio (g) by using thin ply formulas as mentioned in "Ply Based Composite Strength Document" to obtain fiber failure.

Because of the lack of fracture toughness terms (G1c, G11c), we assume Ytis= Yt and Sis=S. Also, the angle of fracture is taken as 53 degree as shown in "Composite Strength,Ply Based" Document".

For the our case of fiber compression (Sigma11<0), ply stresses are transformed into the new m coordinates and Margin of Safety(MoS) values has been calculated. In our case, Sigma22m is bigger than 0.

The example case is given in Attachments. We calculated MoS as 0.7, but HyperSizer shows 0.134.

We have been seen that the results of HyperSizer and the aforementioned document are very different.

What is the reason of this difference? Which one is more reliable? And, if HyperSizer result is more acceptable, how can we calculate the same value analytically? Could you please check it by using any values that are necessary for LaRC03?

Thank you.
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