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according to what hypersizer decides which failure analysis method to be used ?

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I wonder because even for same fem projects i sometimes come up with different failure analysis methods in failure tab in sizing form


The default set of analysis criteria that are active are determined by the template database selected when creating a new database ( Additionally, criteria that are available are based on the material system used (composite vs. metallic) as well as the panel concept (unstiffened, sandwich, I-bonded, orthogrid, etc.).

Users can change the criteria that they would like to be used for analysis and sizing on the failure tab. Our recommended best practice for consistency among engineers in a group is to set up a template database for your organization that includes which criteria should be active by default. You can also include things like limit and ultimate factors, custom materials, and knockdown factors.


thank you :)

and i also have another question :

in HyperSizer > Preferences > Analysis Defaults some active failure modes are not being executed during sizing process how can i solve this ?

and one more :
Do you know an easy way to export Assembly/Display Set/Component Data ( for each ones existing in the database ) ?

Lets assume i prepared a project in a database, but i want to change the database without changing the assemblies/display sets that i created


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