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HyperFEA Freezing whilst reading Nastran



I have a very simply model, just a single flat plate (roughly 72 Quad elements) with simply edge supports and a PLOAD4 pressure applied.  When using HyperFEA it just freezing during the second iteration whilst running Nastran.  Looking in the analysis folder it looks like the Nastran model has not fully complete, as the .rcf, .bat files are still there, even though the .f06 says it's finished.

Running Nastran separately works fine, so I not sure why during the HyperFEA process it freezing and false to complete the Nastran run.  Any ideas?

Problem solved.  It was a Nastran issue.  Nastran kept the .xdb file from the previous iteration and when trying to over-write for the next iteration, this caused Nastran to freeze and hence Hypersizer.  Changing to a .op2 output file resolved the issue.


Glad you were able to resolve the issue!



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