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Material properties updated to Nastran deck.


Hi.  How do I get the correct material properties when I update the FEM?

When performing a Nastran Update, it seems to output the material properties at the analysis temperature of the last loadcase in the list.
If I split my job into two decks, one for hot cases & one for cold, the composite flange properties (MAT1 cards) are correct in each deck – hot in hot, cold in cold.  However, the composite panel materials are all at the temperature of the last load case in the list.  Is there a way to ensure that all materials reflect the appropriate temperature?  (Each of my decks contains one thermal and one mechanical load.)

If I can't get the properties to match the load temperatures, I’d like to update the FEM for all properties at one temperature for all cases (inc. panels and flanges), so I can use the one deck.  Is this possible?.

Re-setting temperatures in the set-up form before updating doesn't affect flanges (I assume they're calculated during sizing & stored elsewhere).  Panels seem to all use the temperature of the last mechanical case.

Any tips on controlling material properties when updating Nastran decks would be extremely welcome.

Hi, An update - and some success.

Setting all the temperatures on the set-up form to one temperature, then switching to Final Analysis to re-analyse the project before updating the FEM ensures that materials are output at that temperature.

If the job is split into one deck per temperature, while all decks are output at the given temperature, this can be repeated at each temperature needed and the appropriate decks selected, run and results re-imported for the next iteration.

Temperatures can then be re-set in the set-up form (imported from spreadsheet) before the next iteration.

I've not looked at what's used in HyperFEA.


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