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Pulling HDB data for rectangular beams in the spreadsheet utility


Hi, I'm trying to pull data from a HDB for rectangular beams using the HS spreadsheet utility.  I have been able to successfully pull the beam height, using the keyword H, but have not been able to figure out what keyword to use for width or for the material selected (which is a HyperLam DL).  I've already looked through all the keywords in the keywords worksheet and in the HyperSizer online support.  Can you help?  Thanks, Carl

Those two variables are missing from the spreadsheet utility and must be added to the VBA code. See attached screenshots for the code that needs to be added. VBA code is accessed by: View Tab>Macros>View Macros>Edit.

Once this code is added, the rectangular beam width and material can be retrieved with the keywords "Wt" and "Mw".



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