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Buckling panel orientation relative to material direction


Is there a way to define buckling panels at an angle to the material orientation, or must they always be aligned?
I have a number of panels across a single skin with a range of orientations.  Some would be better represented by angling them relative to the material system.  Is this possible?
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From an analysis perspective, we recommend to align the material axis to the assumed buckling x-span direction. HyperSizer uses the material direction to compute the panel spans and radius of curvature. Unfortunately there is not a way in HyperSizer to assign an angle between the material axis and the panel assumed x-span direction.

If you update the material axis in HyperSizer, be sure to recompute the buckling spans for that component. This option is available in the component drop-down in the FEM viewer. See link to help system below:

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