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OrthoGrid Sandwich - can you provide a description?


Hi All, I was looking through the hypersizer concepts and found something named "OrthoGrid Sandwich" under the Orthogrid/Isogrid family.  It wasn't clear from the inputs exactly what this concept represents, can someone provide more info or a diagram?  Thanks, Carl

The orthogrid sandwich concept is basically an orthogrid panel with two facesheets (top and bottom) such that the internal ribs are the middle layer, sandwiched between the facesheets.

Here is a help page that shows the available sizing variables for the grid concepts. Orthogrid sandwich is included.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Thanks James.  The graphic is misleading for this concept.  My initial interpretation was correct, but when I saw the graphic I thought it must be something else.


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