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Author Topic: Creating Effective Laminates drops Orthotropic Fsu13 & Fsu23 values  (Read 1789 times)


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Following creation of effective laminates from an orthotropic material, which has the out-of-plane interlaminar properties Fsu13 & Fsu23 populated, the Fsu13 & Fsu23 are not populated. Why is this?

Is it because the calculation of elastic stiffness properties and strength allowables for the effective laminate can not derive interlaminar shear allowables?

Could the EL not be populated with the parent orthotropic material values? Is it because it is an orthotropic "black metal" with no ply interfaces? and no ply based calculations possible in subsequent analyses using EL?


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In order for HyperSizer to derive effective laminate interlaminar strength properties is to assign a strength correction factor/equation based on ply percentages, laminate thickness, etc. to the parent material. The reason being is that there is not a HyperSizer built in methodology for deriving interlaminar strength properties for effective laminates.   

Link to help for correction equations:

Be sure to regenerate the effective laminates after updating the parent material.