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UDef Buckling Analysis - Buckling Span Scaling Factor


We have an in-house buckling analysis which we would like to incorporate into our in-house HyperSizer analysis plugin.

One thing we require for this analysis is the buckling panel loads, which are readily available in the HyperSizer object.

Another thing we require--based on how HyperSizer determines the buckling panel loads--is the scaling factor by which the buckling spans are adjusted. (Otherwise, the buckling panel loads do not produce correct results when some elements in the panel are in tension).

Where in the HyperSizer object can I access the scaling factor?

Dr. K. Bodjona, Airbus Defence & Space

Hi Dr. Bodjona,

Unforunately, this data is simply not accessible through the state variable that is passed into the plugins. I cannot think of any simple way to obtain this information, unless you implement a process that computes this factor for each component before running HyperSizer and loadcase (most likely scripted through a pre-processor), then saves it as a CSV for the plugin to read. I know that is far from ideal.

I have noted this as a desired improvement for the plugin API, however. I hope we can work this into a future release.


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your reply. We very much look forward to having access to this variable in a future release. (For now we will have to keep performing the relevant analysis using our old tool).
Best regards,



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