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Results deleted after renaming project


Hi again,
I currently face this problem: I changed a material setting, just for a moment, so at the end the material had the same settings again, but I had saved it in between.
Now my sizings (HyperFEA Iteration results) are deleted are not available for reports anymore for all projects that used this material.
I can still click "Run ANSYS" and see the iteration graph, and I see results such as Unit Weight in the FEM-Viewer.
But I cannot create reports anymore and all the dimensions in the sizing tab are grey. The project folder that belongs to the project only contains an empty folder "FEM", nothing else is left.
(BTW, why do I still see results in the FEM-Viewer if the project folder is empty?)
Is it possible to get the reports back?


I'm a little confused about the behavior you're describing. Are you saying that making a change in the sizing form and saving has caused the TEMP files to be deleted for that project? That would be very surprising, so if it is repeatable we would want to address that.

Regardless of the cause, if the TEMP files for the project are gone, the only way to generate reports is to analyze the project (or relevant assemblies) again.

A limited amount of results (such as minimum margins of safety) is stored in the database, which is why you are able to see some of this data. But the majority of the information needed to generate reports lives in the TEMP files.

Hope this helps,

Hi Stephen,
sorry, the reason for deleted results was actually not the material change, which was only the last action I did before losing results.
The actual reason was renaming the project, I've just tested it again. To reproduce:

* Sizing of a project.
* Project Form --> Stress Reports --> Excel Spreadsheet --> Works
* Right click on project --> Rename project --> Change name --> OK
* Prompt to delete the folder with the old project name --> No
* Project Form --> Stress Reports --> Excel Spreadsheet --> Message that I need to do a sizing first before creating reports
* Close database --> renaming old project folder to match new name --> open database again --> Still no report possible to create
So for future releases, is it possible to keep all the features when renaming a project?
Workaround: renaming the project back to the old name brought back the stress report, but I guess only if I do not confirm to delete the old folder (which I always did, expecting the new project folder holds all the information needed for reports).


Hi Jan,

It looks like you've correctly identified what happened. When "renaming" a project, a new TEMP folder is made for that project, but not populated with the old TEMP files.

This was a simplification to reduce the overhead of having to rename TEMP files (many of which are named specifically with their corresponding project name). I do understand the why this is not ideal, however. I've put in a request for our developers to evaluate possible solutions on our end.


Thanks for forwarding this for a possible implementation in a future release.
Would you mind to change the topic and move it to the correct subforum (if this is possible), as it is no material problem anymore? Maybe others wonder about the behavior and find the answer here.


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