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Application Error when Importing from Excel


I want to use the function "Material Setup"-->"Import from Excel" but recently it is not possible anymore (I successfully used it before).

* Tools-->Set up Materials and Laminates
* Import from Excel-->Selection of the file (exported from HS, no changes)
* Material Import Report is shown (Permission issues for the standard materials)
* Message: Do you want to commit...despite warning? --> Yes
* Message: Application Error in clsMaterialSetupHost::mobjMaterialSetupHost_ImportExcel [ Sub]()
* Message: An Application error has occured. See the application log for details. --> OK or Cancel.I do not know how to solve this. Does anyone have a hint?

Hi Jan,

To help us replicate this issue, could you provide a little more information? What version of HyperSizer are you using?

Would it be possible for you to provide a sample Excel file that causes this error? That would help us track it down and fix.


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