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Current major aircraft projects are often collaborative with different companies, Integrated Product Teams (IPT’s), sub-contract teams, etc. undertaking work on different regions or major assemblies of the aircraft e.g. wing, fuselage sections, empennage/ tails, sub-structure, skins, etc.

Can this be done with HyperSizer databases to allow multiple users to run a Hypersizer database in each team?

And then bring them back together to run HyperFEA and GFEM updated accordingly?

We have a new capability to automatically split the large GFEM into smaller part projects to be shared by multiple engineers.

See: in Parallel.php?

I hope this is helpful.



thanks for the reply. Will try this.

Can it be used with HyperFEA?

At this time the parallel project runner is not linked up to HyperFEA. You should be able to write a VBA script to submit the part projects to FEA in series.



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