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I have a large model with 50 load cases. When I first analyze, the Hypersizer database reads ALL 50 load cases from the OPT results. To try and save time I deselect load cases that are not critical and rerun the analysis.

Hypersizer decides it wants to re-read the OPT files again !!, but it already had ALL 50 load cases attached and read. To make things worse Hypersizer doesn't read the load cases I selected, it reads ALL 50 load cases again. This is not logical and wastes a lot of time.

I sit for 10 or 15 minutes waiting to read something that was previously loaded Each time I change the load set selection Hypersizer decides to start this process over. This needs to be more logical. If I have ALL 50 load cases selected, why reread ALL 50 load cases again from the OPT2 when I select only 10 load cases.

This issue has been corrected in v7.3.19.

After importing FEA forces if you activate or deactivate load cases, HyperSizer will process the loads but it will not reimport the loads. This should save you some time.


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