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Could not load the analysis plugin library


Christian W.:
Hello I compiled the example given by Hypersizer as well as the example provided here in the forum. Both examples give me for the debug mode a .dll file.

If I run the "Verify DLL Exports" I get also no errors and figures as provided by the manual. If I include the dll in Hypersizer I get the message

"Could not load the analysis plugin library (Hs_UDef.dll). Check that the DLL is in the folder along with any of its dependencies. Also check that the DLL has been compiled for the proper architecture (x86 vs x64). D:\Blub_new\src\hypersizer\dll\Hs_UDef.dll"

Hypersizer version 7.0.53.
Plattform windows 7 - 64bit

I added the project file.

For the release I get the error message
Error 1 fatal error LNK1123: Error in coversion in COFF

What is the problem?

My primary suggestion is to update to v7.2. A lot of improvement has been made to the plugin interface since v7.0.

Also, make sure that you set the 'include directory' to include all the dependancies in the compiled plugin package (Hs_Udeff.dll).




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