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Sandwich Panel Asymmetrical Facesheet Load Split


How does HyperSizer calculate the load split for sandwich panels with asymmetrical facesheets (i.e. how does HyperSizer go from the overall panel loads to the top and bottom face onject loads)?  I assume it's related to some stiffness and/or thickness ratios, but I haven't been able to exactly match the object loads with some of my initial assumptions.

Are there sandwich panel object load split equations in the methods documentation somewhere?  I haven't been able to find them.

Thank you for your time.

The load split in the sandwich skins is based on the local object strains, which is based on the panel strain and panel curvature. The panel strains and curvatures are based on the panel loads (Nx, Ny, Nxy, Mx, My, Mxy) and the inverted equivalent stiffness matrix for the entire panel cross section.

There is an HME document that explains the panel ABD formulation:

I hope this is helpful.


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