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Author Topic: semi monocoque structure optimization through Hypersizer Object Model  (Read 2740 times)


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I'm interested in semi-monocoque structures optimization. With reference to following topic: " Optimizing for both stiffener and frame spacing ",126.msg275.html#msg275, found in user forum I would like to ask you the following questions:
1) on page 8 of "Using the HyperSizer Object Model for Software Integration" white paper mentioned in your reply there is a snapshot of an excel spreadsheet (non linear solver) used through Hypersizer object model for optimization of a stiffened panel with ringframes. I was wondering if this spreadsheet is available for client use.
2) it is not clear to me whether ringframe sizing (based on EI criteria) is achieved simultaneously with panel and stiffeness sizing by running above mentioned spreadsheet or in a second step through MathCAD     


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The spreadsheet mentioned in this forum post is not available for public use. It no longer works with the HyperSizer v7.0 object model.

Here is a working spreadsheet that performs similar operations.
This spreadsheet will try various stiffener spacing values and optimize the rest of the design variables for the stiffened panel and record the mass and dimensions. To optimize ring frame spacing you would need to change the independent variable to panel X span.

The ring frames should be sized to an EI requirement which can be derived from closed form approaches (like the Shandley equation) or through global buckling models. Collier Research was involved in a project that required the sizing of acreage panels and ring frames. See:
White papers are referenced at the bottom of this web page.