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Superimposing Pressure via User Input on a FEA Project


Is there a way to superimpose pressure on a component in a FEA project when a pressure load case was not defined in the FEM?  It appears that you can check the panel pressure option while in a FEA project, but in order to input an actual value for the pressure you must use the user input loads which then overwrite the imported FEM loads.

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HyperSizer will not allow you to include a user-defined pressure with FEA loads. To apply pressure to an FEA project you will need to import an additional SUBCASE containing PLOAD4 cards. The NASTRAN PLOAD cards are stored for each element and averaged over a component to determine the panel pressure. This pressure can then be superimposed as Panel Pressure or Local Pressure.

To avoid double-bookkeeping the pressure loads, you should not run the pressure cases in FEA. Simply point to a dummy output file that does not contain any element force results. This way HyperSizer will calculate the pressure-induced moments and transverse shear loads and superimpose them with the other load cases you import.

I hope this is helpful

How do I get the loads applied?  I have a SUBCASE with the pressure defined.  This SUBCASE is called out in a LOAD CASE.  On the sizing form I have selected Panel Pressure (Free Body tab) as well as Local Pressure (Stresses tab).

When I run HyperSizer on the component and output an Analysis Details Report, I do not see the pressure applied.  For example, on the Von Mises tab in the spreadsheet there is a column for pressure, Mx and My due to pressure, etc. and these values are zero.  Even for the load case that calls out the pressure.  Is there something else I need to do to get this applied?

Thank you

There is an import/export option that has to be checked for HyperSizer to import the PLOAD pressure cards.

Go to the Setup Form > Import Export Options > Advanced

Set Import Pressure and Temperature Loads = "All"

I hope this resolves the issue.



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