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I have discovered error # 5639: too many temperatures for material. ???

What is the maximum number of temperatures allowed for a material?  I have searched the help documentation, and this does not appear to be mentioned.

The number appears to be greater than 5 and less than 40. 8)


Where did the error occur? The limit may differ depending on how the material is being used. For example, the limit would be based on the FEA solver if you were trying to export a FEM.


I have an airframe FEM project with 3 materials, 6 pressure load cases, and 9 assemblies.  I am trying to size assembly #1, body skins.  The FEM solver is ABAQUS.  There is only one material assigned to assembly #1: Ti-6-4.  The FEM and HyperSizer descriptions of Ti-6-4 both have 40 temperatures defined for the temperature-dependent properties, and a material ID of 270.  The sizing is for metallic monocoque (no stiffening), detailed sizing.  When I press the Detailed Sizing button, a dialog box pops up letting me know the progress of the calculation.  Very shortly after parsing all the inputs, it is replaced by an error box announcing "There was an error running HyperSizer".  I hit "OK", and a run log appears...

It looks like the analysis code has a hard limit of 10 temperatures per material. If you decrease the granularity of the temperature dependence you will be able to run it. HS will interpolate in-between temperature points so your analysis shouldn't lose too much fidelity.

We will look into upping this limit or making it dynamic in future versions.


Ah Ha!  Success.

For when you add this to the user documentation, an interesting observation: HS is not tolerant of having project materials with more than 10 temperature values, even if the material for the assembly being sized has 10 temperatures or less.  It will however tolerate having such materials in the top level HS materials database (not that they are very useful).



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