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Thermal conductivity of Effective laminates


I have a composite (orthotropic) tape material with nearly fully populated properties over a range of temperatures. I use this to make an effective laminate (OK, actually two: a 0/90 and a pseudoisotropic).  All the properties that are populated in the composite are populated in the effective laminates ;D, except for thermal conductivity.  K is blank. ??? Any idea why?

The thermal conductivity (K) is only used in the TPS analysis. Which is no longer supported in HyperSizer V7. We should remove this property since it is not used in any structural analysis.


I see the logic. 

Please consider leaving this in because of the existing (and important) interface between HyperSizer and FEM codes.  It would be useful to export the materials data from HyperSizer to the appropriate FEM code for eventual thermo-mechanical analysis.


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